Paris Memoire

by - 10/01/2014

"Paris is always a good idea."
-Audrey Hepburn 

Earlier this year we went to Paris for the first time!! But it was only for 3 days. We did however covered most of the must sees for first comers. Here are some flashbacks and my personal favourites during our trip.

Inside the Versailles!! This was one of the place I've been dreaming of going for the longest time!! Everything is just so beautiful & I wish my house looked like that lol XD


I think my heart stopped a little when I finally saw the Louvre! Coming from an Art major background this place have always been on the top of my bucket list, & it didn't disappoint!! 

The back of the Notre Dame. After going to Paris I realised why those floppy hats are so iconic there. Not only is it a classic, it is also very practical!

My favourite French jewelry brand~~ Their designs are so whimsical! I didn't buy anything since there wasn't any sales going on at that moment :( 

This is hands down the best macaroon on earth! If you think Ladurée is amazing, wait till you try this!

I'm wearing the denim shirt dress from Uniqlo that I bleached down myself- I was hoping for a more ombre effect but I left the bleach in too long… :( Never less, I still prefer a more washed down, softer denim look~

I ate at least 3 crepes everyday while I was in Paris, not kidding! This is my favourite one out of all of them. It's right by Cathédrale Notre Dame & the price is right! 

Chilling at Sacré-Cœur, actually not  really chilling since there are a lot of pick pockets & gypsies around. They are gathered on the top of the stairs, trying to tie a bracelet onto your arm & forcing you to give them "donations". Just be firm with them, or take the side stairs. 

Eating another crepe at Sacré-Cœur after our dinner! I really liked the typical French atmosphere around there. Those little boutiques are just so cute! 

I absolutely love these Betsey Johnson boots! They've got cute ruffles on the side to make it slightly more unique than the usual combat boots. I put a Dr. Scholl's insole in there to make it more comfy as fashion boots aren't exactly super soft & nicely padded for a lot of walking- I pretty much do that for all my boots. 

I think I cried a little tear when I first saw the Tour de Eiffel!! It was all that I've imaged & more! When it started to sparkle I was jumping up & down like a little girl. It was simply amazing & magical! I can't wait to go back to Paris in the near future!! 

I'm wearing: Zara Coat, Maxi Dress, Forever 21 Shirt, hat, ASOS cropped top, Sole Society Bag, Betsey Johnson Boots, Sneakers by Grasshopper, Uniqlo Shirt Dress, Eiffel Tower Souvenir Scarf.

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