Sangria + Aurora Red

by - 10/15/2014

"Sangria, an exotic red that evokes a sense of glamorous adventures and faraway destinations is enhanced by Aurora Red, a more sophisticated shade that adds verve and spark." 

-Pantone Fashion Colour Report Fall 2014

Hello~ I hope everyone have had a great weekend! I've actually been wearing this outfit a lot since late summer. Since it gets soooo cold in my office I have to wear pants & blazers so I don't freeze! To transition this outfit into a more Autumn feel I styled it with a hint of Sangria & Aurora Red! I'm sure everyone have some shades of dark red in their closet, it's time to bring them out again!

I've had this gorgeous bag for a few seasons. It is a gift from my beloved mommy-in-law.(She's quite a fashionable lady herself, so lucky me I get to receive wonderful & wearable gifts from her! xD) The bag is actually pleated... but didn't quite show up in the pictures. The kitten heels are from Sofft (buy HERE or HERE), a new addition for this Autumn. They are super comfortable!! It's nicely padded inside with soft cushions & arch support. I've been buying kitten heels lately... just because I feel they are more wearable on a day-to-day basis.


I absolutely adore this embellished collar shirt! It gives the plain black shirt a more ornate feeling. The only downside is I have to hand wash it... This white blazer is my favourite this spring/summer & I figure I can still wear it during early Fall... I wear white all year round and I have no shame in wearing them! :P The blazer is from H&M, but the sleek design made it look more expensive! & these pants!! I love love love them! The scattered floral prints against the black makes it more flattering but is still romantic! I love floral prints, but light floral pants just looks bulky on my body shape... 

Have a great week everyone! I hope you love this outfit as much as I did! :)

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