DIY Jewelry Organizer

by - 4/12/2016

Hello beautiful people~ So I haven't done a DIY post in a long long time. This week is perfect since I have a cold and I look too sad to take any outfit pics :( Spring is upon us (I hope...) and I love taking this time to do some spring cleaning. I've already donated 2 huge bags of clothes and it's time to sort out my messy jewelry drawer! I've put a before and after pic up on the end- please don't judge me, but I've no idea how I lived with that mess for so long! oops! 

So here's a simple and cost efficient way to make a ring organizer...

Materials: Gift box, felt sheets, fabric

1. Find a gift box with the print you like- think of what colour scheme you would like your jewelry drawer to have. I picked pink of course! 
2. Cut the felt sheets to fit the width of your box and roll it up.
3. Lay the fabric underneath. You don't need any glue.

4. Keep rolling the felt sheets up, make sure it's nice and tight across the box.

5. Push the fabric down and under each felt rolls. 
6. Put some double sided tape on the ends to secure the fabric to the side of the box.

Ta-da! There you have it! A super easy ring organizer that you can make from scrap fabric and an old gift box! All you need to buy is some felt sheets! 

I also ordered some shallow plastic trays from ebay, these are covered in felt and are super cheap! They just don't have any backing, but it's an easy fix.

1. Add a foam board to the back.
2. Use spray glue to attach the fabric to the foam board & the edge of the trays.

You can also cover them with wrapping paper if you don't have scrap fabrics lying around.

Below is a scary pic of the before & after! hehe... 

I mean ideally I would love to have a jewelry cabinet or a vanity etc. But realistically I don't have that much room. So just one drawer is dedicated to my nicer jewelry. I hang my fashion necklace/ statement necklaces outside so they don't get tangled. By having display trays you can see what you have and will make your morning dash out the door much faster! 
I hope you've enjoyed reading this post! 
Feel free to share how you organize your jewelry! Have a great week guys! 

Bisous xx

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  1. So chic! I like this so much.

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  2. This is very impressive and a great idea Angela! You've created something really practical, which is lovely to look at as well!

    I store my jewellery in transparent Perspex boxes which have partitions in them, to stop jewellery items from getting caught on each other. I then put them in a drawer, so they're not exposed to natural light. The clear boxes are really useful, for seeing everything at a glance.

    Have a fab day!

    Saba xx

    1. Great idea Saba! Transparent perspex boxes was the other option I was leaning towards! I love how you can see everything in one glance. Makes accessorizing much easier!

    2. That's very true! It's a great option for compulsively neat fashionistas!

      Have a lovely week!

      Saba xx