Shopping: How to Wear a White Homecoming Dress Without Looking Like A Bride

by - 7/28/2017

Hello my darlings, today I would like to share some tips on wearing white to your homecoming! There are a whole variety of homecoming dresses out there. The style ranges from vintage, sexy, short, and long dresses. By wearing a beautiful white homecoming dresses you will instantly look elegant and classy. Since white is an universal flattering colour. But if it's not done right the long white homecoming dress might scream too much as a bridal gown. So here are some tips and tricks on making a white homecoming dress work.

The Dress Code
To be dressed appropriately depending on the event is the most important dressing rule to me. Get the dress code right! You won't want to show up to a black tie event with a short white dress or an informal occasion in a long evening gown. This is standing out in the wrong reasons. 

Avoid Ball Gowns
As much as I love a ball gown I would avoid wearing it to your Homecoming. A white ball gown dress equals a wedding dress. Go for the elegant sheath silhouette instead. Gowns with embroidery, asymmetrical cuts, high-low hems are good options too.

Give your dress an edge
Give your all-white dress a modern edge to prevent one from looking like a bride. Accessorize with colours not typically related to the bride. Try black accessories for a classy look or colourful embellished waist sash for a more daring vibe.

Complement white with other colours
Look for gowns with gold or black lace over the white gown or colourful embellishments. Pretty much look for a non-traditional white gown and you won't be mistaken as a bride wanabe.  

I hope these give you some ideas as to how to rock a white gown for your Homecoming! I personally love white dresses and prefer them over black dresses any day. Homecoming is a special time to get dolled up, so think outside of the box and challenge the fashion rules for an unexpected almost all-white look!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend loves~

Bisous xx

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  1. I have always love the look of a white homecoming dress! These tips are spot on!

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  2. These tips are so great! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. This is a fun post to read. Your title is really witty as well.

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    1. Thanks Jessica, I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

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