Casual Stripe

by - 8/31/2017

A fallen leave is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye.

Hello my darlings~ I can't believe Summer went by just like that. I always feel a bit sad when the air starts to change. It's not that I don't like Autumn, it's just I prefer spending time at the beach. Enjoying the long daylight hours and the warm summer breeze on my bare skin...

I've been living in these wide leg pants all summer this year. They are actually lounge wear, but I figured with the dark navy colour I can pull it off wearing it out. The wide leg silhouette is pretty popular this year. I can see why they are on the rise since it's super comfy. Do you have any wide leg pants or culottes? 

Enjoy the long weekend for those in the States and thanks for stopping by!

Bisous xx

  pazzo top (SUPER OLD)   |  uniqlo relaco 3/4 shorts  |  designer dupe bag via amazon  |  bp cap  |  Naette lepore sneakers

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  1. The striped top is cute, but the Uniqlo 3/4 shorts is a really interesting piece. Like how you paired your outfit with those white sneakers.

    Jessica |

  2. I'm loving your outfit, the pop of navy is so interesting!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris |