Sakura Sakura

by - 5/13/2018

Don't compare your life to others. 
There's no comparison between the sun and the moon.
They shine when it's their time.

Hi my darlings, I hope you're all having a great May so far enjoying this beautiful weather! It's been so hectic for me lately and I kept forgetting to post on my blog... I felt very fortunate that I get to work from home for part time and I get to spend most of my time with little j. But lately work has been catching up and I'm finding myself having to work while he's not napping/sleeping. Then there's this mom guilt creeping up when I see little j being frustrated that I'm not playing with him... 

This leads me to think I don't think we can have it all- and, we don't need to have it all. There's no such thing as being a successful business women and not missing out on some of your child's growth. The key is to find a balance that you wish to obtain. and to figure out what is more important for you not to miss out. Not comparing yourself to others also helps, because that's face it, you will never understand what other moms are going through since everyone's situation is different. 

I just wish there are less judgements going on between stay home moms & working moms. Some women choose their kids over their careers, and they can afford to live that way. That doesn't make them "lazy" or "useless" because they don't "work". Some don't have a choice and need to work to support their family or simply, they enjoy working more and there's nothing shameful about having nannies or sending your kids to day care- it is just a different way of life they choose to lead. 

I know all of these are not new ideas but I've been running into situations where people gave me a nod of approval when I told them I work part time from home, and I'm not "just" a stay home mom. I just felt disgusted with this type of reactions and wish there are less judgement and respect to which ever life styles we choose to live. 

Anyways, I don't usually touch upon subjects like this but I just felt strongly about it since mother's day is coming up and a lot of thoughts are running through my mind right now. 

Thanks for reading through all this if you did! and have a fantastic Mother's day with your loved ones! 

Bisous, xx



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  1. This is such a great reminder on Mother's day. Our world is so full of judgement, I wish everyone could just live and let live.After all unless we know someone really well, we can never know their situation.

    You have such lovely pictures and sakura as a background never fails to enchant! Stunning!

    1. Aww thank you! Yes I wish people can be less judgemental and just show more support and love xx

  2. thats dress is absolutely gorg!!! on you. Happy mothers day

  3. I love the quote you have there dear. Indeed, there's no point in comparing yourself to others. Though it's nice to be inspired by other people's success, we should never use it as barometers for our life. Anyway, I'm so in love with your dress right now, looks so dainty on you! Love how you tone down the look a little with those sneakers too.

    Jessica |

    1. Aww thanks Jessica! You're an inspiring mom to me and I love all your outfits! xx

  4. I have dream of taking photo in this place
    Looks so nice

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. Thanks Jane! It's such a beautiful park!

  5. This post is so beautiful! Your words are so inspirational, and I really love this cute dress!

  6. Great post, it reosnated with me because I too have been extremely busier than normal lately and have not had time to post. I've learnt to not be too hard on myself. Life is for living. I also agree, we should never compare ourselves with others. Lovely photos and wishing you an enjoyable start to the weekend dear. /Madison

    1. Awww thanks Madison! I hope you get to relax a little in the midst of your busy schedule! xx

  7. Love that dress! I saw your comment on chicwish about it running small. I know this post is a year old now but was wondering if I could ask you a question about the fit? What is the measurement of that embroidered waist band. It looks to be the narrowest part of the dress. I think I might be close to your size but didn’t want to chance ordering it if it would be too small. Thanks