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by - 5/29/2018

Hello my darlings! I've been pretty quiet lately since I've been so swamped with work and just can't find the time post on my blog yikes! Today I'm sharing some Homecoming hairstyle inspirations. If you don't have a Homecoming to go to like me, fear not! These are great ideas for the upcoming summer wedding/ wedding guest hairstyles too!  

If you are lucky enough to have a Homecoming to go to Peaches Boutique brings you black homecoming dress 2018 After you found your dream dress you can decide on which hairstyle will go with that particular dress style! So read on below and let me know which one you would love to try!

Finger Waves- This is a sleek, stylish hairstyle that is simple and easy to do. All you have to do is use a fine comb along with your fingers, pull each wave and secure it with a clip. This hairstyle works better when you have applied conditioner on your hair to add shine.

Messy Bun- An up-do is always a safe bet for a glamorous event such as the homecoming dance and can have you looking effortless & elegant. With a messy bun, you can easily attempt it yourself. Remember to curl your hair first to create volume, and also make the loose ends curly and pretty.

Loose Curls- Give your curls an extra bit of bounce and flow for your homecoming. Simply blow dry after washing, then use a large barrelled curler to get amazing waves throughout your locks.

Side Bun - Anything to the side can go wonderfully if you are wearing an asymmetric homecoming dress. This style is so flattering and is one of my personal favourite, because I don't like my hair all pinned to the back.

French Roll- A messy French roll is a great take on a chic hairstyle. It saves you the effort of curling all of your hair and instead pulling it into a French roll. this takes the worry out of creating the perfect hairstyle whilst still looking elegant.

Half-Up Waved Style- This is another one of my personal favourite! You will look stunning and this style is safe and easy to do, to help you achieve the look you are going for. Curl all your hair first or make it wavy (whichever style you feel most comfortable with) then pin up the top section and leave the rest down.

Ponytail Curls - Pinned-up curly hair is a fun style that maintains the glamour of homecoming. Simply bring out your natural curls or get your curling irons out! Pull your hair into a ponytail to bring the curls to the fore whilst clipping the sides to keep everything under control.

Braided Crown - Another one of my all time favourite because it gives such a romantic look. Instead of wearing a headband, let your hair do the talking. Braid your own flower crown or ask your stylist to do it for you. Braids that twist in and out of each other creates a stunning effect using only your hair! 

So which style is your favourite? If you are intimidated with all these options and can't braid your hair don't worry! A simple curl and a crystal headband or pretty hair clip will do the trick too! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful long weekend! Hello Summer! I'm ready for you! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! 

Bisous, xx

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  1. These are gorgeous hairstyles, so perfect for beautiful dresses.

    Jessica |

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