Shopping: Custom Phone Cases

by - 11/26/2018

Hello my darlings! The Holiday season is here! If you are looking for a personalized gift why not try giving a custom phone case?
Lots of us are glued to our phones these days, oops... I really love having personalized items especially on the object I use on a daily basis. You can make your own phone case with Your Custom Phone Case

Their website are super user friendly and the shipping is really fast! You can pick from their design, or upload any image/photo for your case. I'm always picky about what I like, and it always takes me forever to find a new perfect case. Having the option to customize to anything is a game changer! 

Right now they are offering 20% off everything with the code COOL20

Let me know if you order your case!
Happy shopping & thanks for stopping by!

Bisous, xx

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  1. Custom phone cases sounds really fun. And you have a cute one right here. Thanks for sharing dear!
    Jessica |

  2. I do like custom Smartphone casees, I have two that I use and rotate. <3 Great idea.